Our Training Philosophies

At Smokey Oaks K9, we believe in using balanced training methods with an emphasis on reward based training. First and foremost, our goal is for your dog to work for you because they WANT to! Not because you are forcing or bribing them. We do this by creating engagement between you and your dog so that your dog looks to you for everything!

Our program is heavily reward based because dogs don't learn through corrections. I cannot punish a dog for something that he or she does not know. For example, if you are asked to do a backflip and you have never done one before, punching you in the arm won't make you learn how to do one. On the contrary, if you have been taught how to do a backflip and have done it 1000 times, then you are choosing NOT to do one, as opposed to not knowing HOW to do one. There is a big difference.

We use a variety of training tools in our program including e-collars, prong collars, slip collars/leashes, flat collars, harnesses, etc.The tool used is dependent on each individual dog, as every dog's learning style is different. Not every dog will use every tool.  We strongly believe that you can abuse ANY tool if it is used incorrectly. All training tools should be used with the help of an experienced trainer. 
Most importantly, we like to focus on the relationship between you and your dog. We want your dog to look to you for everything. Our goal is to hep you create a better and stronger bond with your dog so you can accomplish anything together!