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Our Training Philosophy

Our goal is to teach your dog how to learn and teach you how to train. We help your dog to learn to understand our human jargon and we teach you how to better communicate with your dog in a way they understand. Training the dog is only a part of the process. The most important part is training YOU! 

At Smokey Oaks K9, we believe in using balanced training methods with an emphasis on reward based training.  First and foremost, our goal is for your dog to work for you because they WANT to! We want your dog to see value in the behaviors that are being asked of them and we want them to perform them happily! We do this by teaching behaviors through positive reinforcement. As your dog has an understanding the behaviors, we layer consequences over what is already known. A dog does not learn through corrections, anymore than you would learn to do a backflip by being punched in the arm. 


We specialize in behavior modifications and puppy training. For puppies, it is all about building a foundation through shaping behaviors, and creating muscle memory for positions. For dogs that struggle with various behaviors, such as, anxiety, nervousnesses, aggression, and fear, it is more about chaining the dog's state of mind, rather than focusing on strong obedience. We train the dog in front of us, which means our training program is always changing and evolving to meet the needs of the dog and the family. 

We use a variety of training tools in our program including e-collars, prong collars, slip collars/leashes, flat collars, harnesses, etc. The tool used is dependent on each individual dog, as every dog's learning style is different. Not every dog will use every tool. Cruelty lies in the the heart and intent of the person, which means ANY tool can cause harm, if that is the intent behind its use.  All training tools should be used with the help of an experienced trainer. 

Whether you are brining home a new puppy, or struggling with behavior issues, let us help you build better communication and trust between you and your dog so they can be an enjoyable member of your family! 

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